How to change your interior using details? Tips from our London interior designers

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Do you sometimes look around your London flat and wonder if maybe it could use some fresh decor? Relax - you do not have to take a loan for property renovation in London in order to freshen up your interior. You do not need to repaint walls, nor rearrange furniture to make your home fashionable and more interesting. If you want to know how to change your flat in an inexpensive and easy way, read on and learn the best tips from our London interior designers.

New London interior design? Where to start?

It has been proven that even small changes in the interior decoration have a positive effect on our mood. Especially in the spring or summer, when we are surrounded by cheerful colours. It is not true that you cannot afford new interior decorations. Metamorphosis of a flat does not have to rely on a major renovation. Go with simple changes. Sometimes it's enough to change the furniture setting in the interior, replace the curtains with lighter blinds, hang colourful pictures on an empty wall. Want to know more?

Mix the old with the new

Are you bored with your minimalistic, modern living room? Do you sometimes miss the atmosphere of your grandma's flat? You can establish it back in your flat it in a simple way. All you have to do is put one old-fashioned piece of furniture in the room, such as an old armchair or some other object. Be sure to match it to the colour of the room. This combination of old and new is very fashionable at the moment. So look in the attic or the flea market, where you can buy some interesting pieces and trinkets for little money.

Go with pattern and colour in your bathroom

When you were decorating your bathroom, you were fascinated by fashionable minimalism. Tiles in one neutral colour, no vivid colours. Now it seems to you sad and empty. No problem! Hang a colourful, stripy shower curtain, put a patterned rug on the floor, you can also get a new, colourfultoilet seat top. You won't spend a lot of money and the bathroom will change completely.

Make your interior cosier

The general rule of contemporary interior design in London is simplicity. And you too value simplicity – that is why you chose a minimalistic interior design and straight, angular furniture. You like the interior, but sometimes you feel that it is too cold. This is when are fluffy pillows come in – if you put them on the couch, they will soften the look of minimalistic furniture. It will be even cosier when you put a soft carpet on the floor.

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Bring some life into your home!

Have you ever wondered why you generally feel happier in the spring and summer than in any other time of year? It’s because of sunlight and blooming plants everywhere. Of course, it’s impossible to make spring and summer last all year, but it is possible to bring some green living things into your home. Insert some potted flowers into bright, pastel casings and put them on your windowsills. They will generate a cascade of good energy. But this is not the only thing you can do to make your interior more alive – you can also place a rattan piece of furniture in your flat. It can even be a basket in which you place flower pots. This accent adds lightness and introduces the spring into your interior. If your flat is rather small, and you are not a gardener type of person, you can always choose to have some fresh herbs, like basil or thyme in your kitchen. Such a herbarium not only looks and tastes beautiful but also smells insane and is much easier to care for than regular potted plants.

Break the monotony

Bright wooden furniture, kitchen top and tiles in the same neutral colour with a perfectly matched floor give your kitchen a homogeneous, calm, warm style. And yet something is missing. What? Most interior designers would say, that you’re missing the colour. And they would be right. The colour will revive your flat and break the monotony of your interior design. Red overlays for chairs or table mats in intense colours will give a great effect. Thanks to the distinctive colourful accents, the kitchen will be happier, more pleasant.

Why is it important to be surrounded by beauty?

The interior design plays a big role in our lives, and most interior designer in London know that arranging a flat is not a piece of cake. A successful interior design is one that brings all the elements togetherwith no stylistic cracks. That is why interior designers do their best to make the interiors user-friendly and functional. So the important thing is to choose one style and stick with it. Having said that: there is no harm in changing your surroundings with colourful little details and making them more cheerful and alive. This can only help you relax and enjoy the interior you live in.