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- SigmaLondon’s in-house architecture team undertakes residential projects throughout London. We specialise in high-end luxury small-scale residential projects, specifically small-scale house extensions and loft conversions as well as remodelling existing layouts of apartments to achieve maximum comfort of living. Each living space is thought through individually, which allows us to obtain original and interesting solutions. We create a clear and orderly space to live. We believe that interior design is not about decorating the space with accessories. The essence is to create a functional living space.

- Our experience includes listed homes and properties in conservation areas and we understand the sensitivities of such properties. We have worked with many planning authorities including all central London boroughs and have a proven success rate at achieving planning permission for our clients.

- Our architects provide an exclusive and holistic approach to residential architecture and interior design based on thorough consideration of our clients’  lifestyle, the appropriate architectural language, consideration of the interior design, energy conservation and the landscape design. Only through a comprehensive blend of ideas one can achieve an ergonomic, contemporary, well coordinated design - and we at Sigma understand the importance of it.

- Thanks to many years of cooperation with companies and clients, we have acquired the necessary skills to carry out the full design and renovation process. Starting with creating the general concept and budget, through furnishings containing all the elements of the architectural design, supervising the construction work, to the final product.

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Interior design is an element of the everyday life of a modern man. The space in which we live, in which we work, in which we operate every day has a significant impact on our well-being. As experienced residential interior designers in London, we are aware of that. We carefully plan the spatial layout, taking into consideration the purpose, that space will serve. We strive for our clients to enjoy the process of design and construction of their perfect home or residential investment property. It is our utmost imperative to integrate all our clients’ ideas into the proposal and turn it into the finished product - a property that works well, looks well and feels welcoming. To achieve this we are advocates of using the most appropriate high-end finishes in our architecture and interior design and work with the most accomplished craftsmen to turn our architects’ and clients’ ideas into reality. Our company specialises in interior architecture and comprehensive projects. We focus on creating functional and unique solutions that are appropriate to the needs and expectations of each client. The designs are characterized by attention to detail, high aesthetic component, as well as nonchalance and freedom.

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Sustainability is based on rational, responsible use of Earth's natural resources. It is also about creating proper and healthy living conditions for people, including homes and workplaces, cities and recreation areas. For this reason, the terms "sustainable development", "sustainable construction" or "sustainable design" are very often present in the construction sector. The aim of sustainability is to design new energy-efficient buildings in which proper, healthy living and working conditions of people will be ensured. Energy efficiency and sustainability issues are given serious consideration at the outset of the design process, in particular on new-build projects. Properly considered they play an important part in adding present and future value.

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The projects we work on are implemented comprehensively – starting from the design, through construction supervision, furniture production, to the purchase of interior finishing materials. Thanks to this the clients do not have to be involved in any of these stages and can focus on their own needs. Proven subcontractors, listening to the needs of clients, individual approach to each of the projects and comprehensive, reliable and solid service guarantee high-quality final product. With architectural experience in residential design, sustainable building design and building conservation we work with clients to develop their initial thoughts. As residential interior designers in London, we always try to accurately identify the needs and tastes of our clients. We are able to listen and develop their ideas. Our company provides guidance on the project through the work stages and ultimately create an outstanding finished design.

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